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Looking for iPads for rent before you host your next event? The world is changing fast, and so are businesses’ needs. Most businesses need adaptable technological solutions at their fingertips at all times. Corporate meetings, business projects, and events are no exception. Here’s where iPads come in the picture. According to a recent study by Cvent, 77% of event attendees have higher expectations for digital features than they did a few years ago.

These versatile devices help you complete your work, store data, and manage on-the-go tasks while empowering you with mobility, productivity, and entertainment. But what if you need iPads only for a specific event, like a conference, trade show, or product launch? The large cost associated with buying iPads might make you hesitate. The good news is that we at IVM Technologies LLP have a solution for you: iPads on rent! 

This guide explores how iPads can transform your event into a truly interactive and engaging experience and how you can rent iPads and iPad Pro without hassle.

How Can iPads For Rent Enhance Your Corporate Event?

Static presentations and paper brochures are now news of old times. Today’s attendees at various events seek interactivity and a personalized experience that keeps them interested throughout the event and encourages desired outcomes.

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Here are our top reasons why iPads for rent offer a range of possibilities:

  • Streamlined Registration: Long lines and various issues with physical event registration can be easily avoided when using iPads. Rented iPads can be used for digital registration, saving attendees time and streamlining check-in.
  • Interactive Presentations: iPad Pros for rent are perfect for creating interactive and easily accessible presentations. Imagine attendees navigating interactive slides, accessing product demos, or participating in live polls—all on their personal iPads.
  • Real-Time Data Collection and Feedback: Utilizing rented iPads allows for collecting real-time data and feedback from attendees. This instant input can be used to improve ongoing sessions, gauge audience interest, and make necessary adjustments on the fly if needed.
  • Effortless Lead Capture: You can stop asking your clients to fill out those boring paper forms. iPads can capture leads with various apps and software, allowing attendees to seamlessly share their contact information and express interest in your products or services. 

The Logistics of Renting iPads for Events: A Smooth Journey

Renting many iPads for your event might be difficult, but the right planning can be as easy as a breeze. Here’s what to consider:

  • Quantity: Estimate the number of iPads you’ll need based on your expected attendance. Consider factors like registration needs, interactive stations, and demo areas to determine the right number of devices to rent. 
  • Model Selection: Standard iPads may be sufficient for basic tasks like registration, while iPad Pro for rent can offer much more, like increased processing power if you want to include graphics-intensive presentations or demos. 
  • Bulk Pricing: Many rental companies may offer discounts for larger quantities. You must negotiate a competitive rate for your event needs. 
  • Security Considerations: Data security is the most vital factor when renting any device for your business. Ensure the rental company offers secure devices with pre-loaded event apps and password protection measures. 
  • Technical Support: Unexpected glitches can happen. Choose a rental company that provides on-site or remote technical support to address any issues that may arise during the event.

Case Studies: Real-World Examples of Successful iPad Rentals

Here are some very inspiring examples of events that made use of iPad rentals to maximum productive effect:

  • According to a survey of 2,500 organizers and 2,000 attendees by XING Events, event organizers embrace digital tools, making event planning smoother and freeing up resources for creative ideas. This trend opens doors for innovation, like using rented iPads at conferences. Imagine attendees asking questions in real-time and exploring product features in detail during presentations—all thanks to these versatile devices! 
  • A well-reputed car manufacturer used an iPad Pro for rent at their latest product launch event. This allowed attendees to explore car interiors virtually and instantly connect with sales representatives if they liked the car. This led to a significant increase in the number of captured potential leads.


Q. Can I get iPads for rent?

Absolutely! Renting iPads is a great way to get the necessary technology without the big upfront cost. They’re perfect for events, training, or short-term projects. IVM Technologies offers flexible iPad rentals—check us out!

Q. Why should I rent iPads for my event?

Renting iPads offers a cost-effective solution for short—and long-term needs. They boost engagement with interactive presentations, demos, and lead capture.

Q. What should I get, standard iPads or iPad Pros?

Standard iPads are great for basic tasks. For graphics-based work and creating presentations or demos, consider the extra power of iPad Pros.

Q. What if something goes wrong with an iPad during the event?

Choose a rental company like IVM Technologies LLP that offers on-site or remote technical support to address technical glitches.

Q. What security measures are in place?

Look for rental companies that provide secure devices with pre-loaded event apps and password protection.

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